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Awesome documentary on boxer Mike Tyson.  This is one intelligent, angry, sensitive, used, lonely, effed-up man and it all comes across in this movie.  I don’t see how anyone who sees this film would not come away with a new respect and sympathy for Mike Tyson.  He is incredibly open and articulate about his life and the choices he has made.  I am no fan of boxing or Mike Tyson per se, but he has a fascinating story to tell and this documentary shares it in riveting fashion.  My only complaint was with the multiple screen shots of Tyson speaking:  it was distracting and kept making me wonder if they were doing multiple takes which would seem disingenuous.  Maybe they were going for the “many faces of” him deal.  Anyway, great movie.

Rating: 4 out of 4 Pig Toes

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  1. June 3, 2010 3:18 pm

    DANG, GIRL!! You’re rather astute on the Movie Review gig!! I feel you have an honest take on life…and movies…and will be chekkin back for more reviews!

    I also loved you…uuuh…I mean YOUR summing-up of peeps at the Mongolian Feast eatery and grocery store check-out! I do the same thing…and then catch myself wondering WHO ELSE is doing this, and what is their assessment of my choices! Then I look at their choices and wonder if THEY QUALIFY to judge what I’m eating! haaah! Hey…someone’s gotta be paranoid–right? Might as well be me….trained from birth, the ever-present state of paranoia…and curiosity. (Read: I am intrigued by EYEBROWS, as you are, MJ.)

    Yes…eyebrows…a glimpse of OTHER FUZZY PATCHES prominently placed on the human organism. Aren’t we strange? You don’t see this kind of congestulatory carnage on INSECTS–do you? They are mostly sleek, smooth and plastic-like. Reminds me of a gf I had up in Canada…smooth as a baby’s butt…but an hour later it was 6-o’clock-shadow time…”down there” and time to shave again! Well…that’s for another post reply…someday.

    Hey MJ…hit me on email and tell me HOW FAR CAN I GO with my posts replies! You bring up some REALLY amusing topics, about which I can write some really colorful “things that make you squirm while ripping off your underwear”comments. Hmmmmm? Hit me, hunnybunch…cute little obsessed-over eyeberows n all! I really love em! Would love to walk up to you and place a really wet kiss on each of them…maybe a little tongue in there, too, to rustle em up! It’s a new experience–I know–but you seem to enjoy new thangs! Yes? I also S L O W L Y KISS YOUR PALMS…one at a time and kiss it in several places…while your heartbeat rate goes from zero to OMG! Don’t know why some women react like that…Yes, it is TOTALLY UNEXPECTED…but they only wanna do ONE THING afterwards! That is…after they get up off the floor, sit, have a drink of water and compose themselves. It’s quite a shock, and other women looking on when I do this…they sorta swoon themselves! haha Have Hubby do this to you…and make sure he does it uber-slowly…WITH GREAT REVERENCE FOR YOU–THE BELOVED WOMAN—AND HAVE A TOTAL EYE CONTACT LOCK ON YOUR LOVELY [AND SEXY] EYES! Melts ya every time!! You’ll be warm butter in his hands…but it’s always great to “play butter” once in a while, eh? Cleanups not that bad, either!

    Ok…bad boy is outta here. *kisses your palms* Mmmmmmmmmm! So Yummmy!

    • mjjaaska permalink*
      June 3, 2010 3:28 pm

      Dude, I appreciate you taking the time to comment on my posts but you are being extremely creepy. This isn’t a foum for you to hit on the writer (who, if you hadn’t noticed, is married) and turn this blog into some tacky soft-core thing. If you can’t comment without the sexual references, I’m going to have to start trashing your stuff.

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