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Avatar (3D)

Oh my lawd, what an experience.  I wasn’t all keyed up to see this movie:  I’m not a huge sci-fi, special effects or CGI fan.  To be honest, the blue characters reminded me of an animated Disney film and I hated cartoons even as a child.  But I like action films and the hubby wanted to see it so we checked it out.  I’m not going to give you a synopsis of the story but I am going to tell you that I was blown away.  This film is so visually stunning and the action is so riveting that my hands were shaking as the credits rolled and I literally could not get out of my seat.  Without warning, tears started falling down my cheeks and not because I was sad, but because my nerves were so on edge that the only outlet was sobbing.  I was just so overwhelmed from the final hour of non-stop action: it never let up and I could barely stand it.  The story is fairly predictable and at times uncomfortably preachy, but the overall arc and the action is so amazing that the end result is amazing.  And seeing it in 3D (again, not a huge fan of 3D but I’d heard that is the only way to see this movie) made it even more engaging.  Every detail – and there are a lot of details -is attended to.  I kept looking for mistakes in continuity (a little hobby of mine) and at  least on first glance could find none.  I was convinced the main character played by Sam Worthington was paralyzed in real life because his legs looked atrophied.  Yeah, no, that was CGI.  Yes, the movie is a bit long (3 hours), some of the dialogue is cheesy, and I was a bit bored by the story line involving Sigourney Weaver’s character towards the end, but all I can say is that this film will change movie making forever.  What a ride.

Rating: 3.75 out of 4 Pig Toes.

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