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iPhone Apps I Love, Part 2: Function

December 30, 2009

These are the apps I use the most. I have 10 pages of apps but some I have looked at only once or twice (including 4 different camera apps), some never at all. I have even more that I downloaded then deleted from my phone. These are my favorites among those that remain (second of a series).

Have2Eat, GoodFood, AroundMe. I use all of these to help me discover and rate new restaurants or other services in my immediate area. No single one is all encompassing, so I use them all to complement one other.

Epicurious. Something like 10,000 recipes at your finger tips. You can rate, e-mail and favorite them, and even generate shopping lists. As I was sitting in court yesterday, I used it to find 3 appetizer recipes that I will be making for New Year’s Eve. Can’t beat that.

Boxcar. This is a push notification app that you can use for Facebook, Twitter, and e-mails. The first service is free but you have to pay for each additional service. I only use it for Twitter and I have found it very useful instead of constantly checking Tweetie to see if I have new DMs or @replies. One strange thing is that it sends me notifications of things that don’t show up in my Twitter stream: not sure if those are deleted by the sender or what, but still useful.

WordPress. I have composed and edited several blog posts using this app. My big complaint is that you can’t reply to comments, but other than that, a Godsend.

CNN. Gorgeous mobile app that is way better that the previous generic one for CNN.

foursquare. I can’t remember who first told me about this app but it seemed to be when only 18 people were using it. My, how it has taken off. The updated version is even more functional than the previous one. This is sort of like a game and a social connection making app in one: you “check in” at a site and notify your other foursquare friends. You can mark your territory by becoming “mayor” of a location and you can meet up with people by letting them know where you are. I can’t go anywhere without foursquaring it.

Gowalla. Same as above but different: better graphics and not as popular. I use them in tandem but use foursquare more because of the competitive nature. Gowalla annoys me at times because I have to keep “creating” locations and because you have to be right in the spot in order to check in. Don’t really understand the whole “drop an item” concept but I do it anyway.

Shazam. As the credits rolled at the end of “500 Days of Summer,” I opened up Shazam and waited for it to identify the song playing. Then I downloaded the whole soundtrack album before I left the theater parking lot. Who can live without an app that can do that?

Public Radio. Every day I walk my dog I listen to public radio. I mostly listen to my local station but if I want to listen to a specific program I can access the on-demand service or search for the program playing live another station. Definitely in my top 5 most used apps.

Pandora. I had this app on my phone for the longest time before I actually used it. When I finally did, I spent the entire day creating and listening to my stations and discovering new artists. If you do this, you eventually run into repeats, but well worth the time before that happens.

mSecure. I used to keep all my login names, passwords, and financial and shopping websites on a typed piece of paper stuffed in my desk (note to identity thieves: said paper has been SHREDDED!). Now I keep them all in this secure app. I have all my account numbers and insurance IDs at my fingertips, FTW (note to identity thieves: this app is password protected, so bugger off!)! I purchase a lot of crap from Amazon and this is a lovely little mobile app that comes in handy to manage my shopping cart and search for more crap to buy. Me likey. My bank account, no likey.

What are your favorite functional apps?

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