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iPhone Apps I Love, Part 1: Function

December 29, 2009

These are the apps I use the most.  I have 10 pages of apps but some I have looked at only once or twice (including 4 different camera apps), some never at all.  I have even more that I downloaded then deleted from my phone.  These are my favorites among those that remain (first of a series).


Tweetie and sometimes Tweetdeck. I use Tweetie the most on my phone but sometimes it seems to lose my @replies.  When I check Tweetdeck: there they are.  I don’t use Tweetdeck as my main Twitter client because it is a bit unwieldy.  Tweetdeck rules on my laptop, however.

Facebook. No need for an explanation.

Flixster. The only tool I use to check for movie times, on my phone or elsewhere.  You can even pre-purchase movie tickets, but it costs extra.

PocketFlicks. Perfect for managing my Netflix queue on the go, especially given that I usually think of movies to add to it when I am away from a computer.  Love this.

IMDb. The hubby and I are constantly referencing IMDb on the internets to answer all our film related queries.  I can’t believe IMDb waited this long to release an app.  So glad they finally did.

Dictionary. As far as you know, I am a stickler for proper spelling and word using – I mean usage.  I use all the time on my computer and this is a handy mobile app.  I can only complain about the slow loading time, the large memory usage, and the lack of comprehensiveness.  Or comprehensivity.  Is that a word?  Hold on: I’ll look it up. . .

Wikipanion. Wikipedia for your phone.  Lovely.

Google. Um, yeah, there’s this cool search engine that you may not have heard of called “Google” and this is the very functional mobile app. I can also access my Google Reader and Gmail accounts through this (although I usually don’t).

Dragon Search and Dragon Dictation. These are fairly new to my iPhone but the few times I have used the search app, it rocks.  It uses a voice search and automatically pulls up Google, Wikipedia, Twitter, You Tube, and music results.  Very cool.

AppBox Pro. This has a bunch of tools that I previously downloaded separately, like a tip calculator, converter, battery life monitor, flashlight, etc.  I wish I had just purchased this one first.

Howcast. I haven’t used this in awhile but I was all over it in the beginning.  Basically short instructional videos that tell you how to do everything from spotting poison ivy to how to make a snow globe to how to find a financial planner.  I used it to learn how to type like a pro on the iPhone.  I always feel like a loser when I don’t type like it showed me to.  Very clever.

Yellow Pages. This app has helped us out of many a pinch, including helping me find a last minute boarder for our dog as I was driving to Wisconsin from Minneapolis as the hubby stayed home with the pooch after we lost our previous boarding reservation.  Aways works, you can dial the phone number and get a map directly within the app.

What are your favorite functional apps?

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