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Things About My Husband That I Adore

December 21, 2009

As promised, I now present the follow-up to this post.

  1. He is always willing to get takeout food for me.
  2. He tells me I am beautiful.
  3. He thinks I am funny.
  4. He recognizes my talents and wants to promote them.
  5. He introduces me to new things that I initially reject and eventually come to love (e.g. the iPhone, Facebook).
  6. He walks our dog every morning without complaint.
  7. He goes to any movie I suggest without knowing anything about it.
  8. He lets me watch whatever I want on TV and doesn’t complain (that much) when I don’t want to watch sports.
  9. He puts up with my cranky moods.
  10. He thinks I am smart.
  11. He is very affectionate.
  12. He tolerates my obsessive tendencies.
  13. He doesn’t care if I gain weight or have a pimple, bad breath, or hair where I don’t want it to be.
  14. He is committed to our relationship, even during the difficult times.
  15. He has great skin.
  16. He is driven to make a better life for us.
  17. He likes spending time with me.
  18. He lets me tell him stories from my job even though they aren’t all that interesting to him.
  19. We always have fun together, even if we are just grocery shopping.
  20. He makes checklists and sticks to them.
  21. He is really good at making business connections.
  22. He notices and remembers things about me that surprise me.
  23. He cares about my health because he wants me to be around with him.
  24. He pushes me to better myself, even when I am content with the status quo.
  25. I can, and do, tell him anything.
  26. He always has energy and is willing to try and do anything.
  27. He never lies to me.
  28. I never have to worry about him being unfaithful.
  29. He is the life of the party.
  30. He is curious and always learning new things.
  31. He cuts a dashing figure.
  32. He has nice hands and clean fingernails (fingernails are terribly important to me).
  33. He likes my friends.
  34. He loves my mom.
  35. He thinks I am a great cook.

There are probably lots of other things I could add, but I don’t want his head to get too big (you notice I didn’t mention that he is humble).

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  1. December 23, 2009 11:27 pm

    What a great hubby!

    • mjjaaska permalink*
      December 29, 2009 4:13 am

      Yah, I think I’ll keep him around. For awhile, anyway.

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